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A wide Guild Bow multi aperture table plan coordinating with the couples wedding stationery Fuchsia pink Guild Handmade Roses made to coodinate with the wedding invitation
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table Plan Design Options

The style of table plan that you choose will be determined by the theme of the event, the formality of the occasion and your timescale.

o Simply Printed
When our clients choose to have a printed table plan we are happy to advise and can suggest many lovely ideas for the watermark image (if an image is requested.) If, during you initial enquiry we suggest an image you like, no more than 4 weeks notice will be required.

Sometimes we are asked to source a specific image or to work with one our clients provide us with. In these cases we are delighted to do this but we require a minimum of 6 weeks notice.

o Printed and Embellished
As above, we require between 4 and six weeks to work on and fully proof this style of plan. A table plan with a different design of embellishment for each individual table list requires a minimum of 6 weeks notice.

o Multi Aperture
Despite being very labour intensive at the point of assembly this style of plan does not engage our design/research time to the same extent as our printed plans. We therefore can produce a plan at quite short notice (minimum two weeks) if all information is in place at the point of enquiry.)

Regarding the theme of your table plan you may like to consider having the plan based upon the flowers in your wedding bouquet, (either the colours or the flowers themselves) the design of the wedding dress, the inspiration of the venue, favourite songs, the time of year, places you have travelled to, favourite bands, romantic films .. .. ..the list is quite simply endless! In doing this you will be making your table plan very personal which will be appreciated by your guests and make the plan a very special keepsake for yourselves.

Multi aperture table plan with laser cut race horses for a wedding of racing enthusiasts

We also produce spectacular table plans that take 'Classic Elegance' to an extreme. Our newest table plans with solid wood, distressed ivory frames and hand made individual 'opening rose' embellishments have been described as 'breathtaking'. (Price on application.)

Fuchsia pink Guild Handmade Roses made to coodinate with the wedding invitation

A table plan for a corporate event may require that the plan be based upon the company logo and colours, the time of year, the benefiting charity etc. All this can be achieved in a dramatic or subtle way, just contact us and let us know what you need.

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